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3649 Willard Norris Road (VIP Pensacola)-2021-HDRCoastal Ranch

By Liesel Schmidt

Though one might expect to see things like adobe-inspired walls, cowhide inlaid cabinetry, arched doorways, and equestrian art in homes scattered across the Southwest, it’s hardly commonplace to the interiors of houses in the Southeast—much less those on the coast of Florida, where décor runs more to ropes tied in nautical knots than rodeo ropes and lassos.

3649 Willard Norris Road (VIP Pensacola)-2037-HDRBut sitting astride a horse is something that Pensacola native Trinkette Parker knows well, herself a championship barrel racer whose time at the rodeo could almost rival the time she spends working as a permanent makeup artist. The owner of Permanent Makeup Clinic, Inc., located along Scenic Highway, Trinkette is a highly skilled artist whose greatest satisfaction is working with clients who have come to her seeking help with facial reconstructive work and breast cancer patients with the need for realistic nipple recreation. One peek in her office, and you know—Trinkette is a woman with a love for sparkle, shine, and all things pink. Frilly and feminine as her office at work might be, however, her home is far greater a reflection of her horsewoman side, the side that doesn’t mind the dirt and grit being kicked up her face as she rounds the barrels to keep the ticking clock from getting the best of her.

3649 Willard Norris Road (VIP Pensacola)-2075-HDRIn its single level, the 3900-plus square foot home that Trinkette shares with her husband, Brian, in Pace contains quite the list of unique features, everything from those previously mentioned adobe walls and cowhide inlays to authentic handmade Mexican tiles and custom carved stone countertops. The inspiration for the design was simple enough—a feature she had seen in a 2009 issue of Cowboys and Indians magazine that had figuratively put a burr in her saddle. And when she and Brian later started planning their home, she had the tear-sheets ready to roll.

Now complete and completely theirs, the Parker home is a sprawling space whose every inch reflects their love of the Southwest, though neither of them has ever lived in the region, and both grew up right here. Much like Trinkette, Brian owns his own business, though his work as the front man for Parker and Son, Inc., in Atmore, Alabama, involves the use of machinery far more heavy-duty than tattoo needles.

3649 Willard Norris Road (VIP Pensacola)-2097-HDRFor their kitchen, Trinkette special-ordered custom stone counters with rough-cut edges in a dragon red garnet color that was highly complimentary to the overall aesthetics of the room. Her copper double farm sink is inlaid with a star—and stars seem to be a running theme here at the Parker home, hand carved into the stone backsplash by the talented hands of local stonemason Jess Box along with barbed wire inlays and even in the stamped concrete flooring of the porch. Above the stove, a copper hood adds rusticity, while the carved horses in the corbels flanking either side rear up in ready pose to charge on. The two-tiered kitchen island adds another element of interest, curving ever so slightly and seemingly supported, in part, by an ironwork linkage of horseshoes and stars that are the handiwork of Trinkette’s farrier, Jim LaClaire.

3649 Willard Norris Road (VIP Pensacola)-2103-HDRThere are showpieces in every room—from the see-through fireplace in her main living area to the cowhide covered cabinet door inserts of her master bath vanity for which she specially commissioned her friend Howard Findley to the carved stonework and curved walls of a spacious master suite complete with fireplaces, arched entryways, and copper chandelier lighting. But though one could easily find themselves slack-jawed at so many examples of skilled handiwork to be marveled over in the Parker home, what holds the highest place in Trinkette’s heart is something she could never have custom made: the view. “We have the most spectacular views of the land I inherited from my grandfather, Willard Norris,” she says. The namesake of Willard Norris Road, her grandfather’s land was a blank canvas for Brian and Trinkette’s vision, the perfect place to set their very own western-inspired domicile. So perfect was the area, in fact, that they also purchased the land adjoining theirs, combining the two to accommodate their many animals—not the least of which include Trinkette’s champion barrel horses as well as the horses that she shows.

3649 Willard Norris Road (VIP Pensacola)-2129From the front porches to the back pool area, one might well believe they’ve been transported to a ranch somewhere in the Southwest when they come upon the Parker home. And though some might find it decidedly out of place in an area so overrun with water-inspired teals and blues, Brian and Trinkette feel right at home—and that’s precisely as it should be.




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