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By Liesel Schmidt

Whether it’s a couple of hours to hit the refresh button or a whole weekend where your every desire is indulged and first-class service is at your fingertips, a relaxing getaway is something we could all use, but it’s not something we all take the time to work into our schedules. And really, that’s something that should become more of a priority—especially when we’re trying to live lifestyles that are happy, healthy, and truly functioning well.


Fortunately, you don’t have to pack up the car and hit the road on-course for a big city to find great spas and salons or luxurious resorts where you’ll be given care and attention worthy of a VIP. In fact, it’s actually closer than you might realize, as our City of Five Flags offers an amazing cache of resorts, spas, and boutique salons that provide award-winning services by industry experts who have skills that you’d expect to find in major metropolitan areas. Whether you’re craving a relaxing day to let the rest of the world melt away, pondering a change to feel more stylish and polish up your appearance, or seeking a solution for getting rid of those last few pesky pounds, Pensacola can provide you with everything imaginable and more for you to be at your very best.


Visit one of the beach’s best resorts to book spa and salon services while you stay and play right in the middle of breathtaking beauty, or try out a more sleekly contemporary scene that’s cosmopolitan chic right in the very heart of downtown. Pensacola has a wide range of resorts to suit every style, and even if you’re a resident of this great city, you can take full advantage of what they’ve got on offer, from the fabulous food to their incredible amenities.


Need a mini makeover or just an update of your already awesome appeal? Pensacola is your destination for all the latest trends in manicures, pedicures, hair design, and aesthetics—not to mention some of the most cutting-edge techniques in things like cool-sculpting, permanent makeup, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery. There are world-renowned skills at work in every sector of the industry, and our fair city is quickly gaining attention all over the nation as the perfect place to get a new look and a new lease on life.



 Here’s a peek at some of the area’s top places to relax, recharge, refresh…and indulge:

  • Blutique
  • Nail Lounge
  • Pensacola Cosmetic Surgery
  • Permanent Makeup Clinic
  • Portofino Island Resort
  • RejuvaTrim Aesthetics
  • Sirens Salon
  • Sole Inn & Suites
  • StillWaters Day & Medical Spa
  • Vibe Salon
  • Welch Dermatology


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